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Security Drivers

BN Security & Consulting security drivers have all the skills necessary to ensure quality protection during your trips, in addition to driving, anti-assault, counter-surveillance and anti-kidnapping skills. Indeed, they were trained at the same time as bodyguards in close protection training centers.

Whether you prefer to remain low profile or have a large presence which attracts attention from crowds and the media, BN Security & Consulting can offer a security chauffeuring service that cannot be rivalled. Consisting of a team of highly experienced security professionals, originating from various protection backgrounds, we provide that extra piece of mind whilst on the move. The past has seen us plan and undertake assignments for government officials, high net-worth businessmen and leading figures within the entertainment industry.

To make your trips as comfortable as you wish, BN Security & Consulting puts at your disposal a wide range of soft-skinned vehicles (Limousine, SUV, Minibus, Bus…)


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